NeuroExpander is a creative combination of PR and Public Affairs.

In our every day work we use the experience gained during our cooperation with some of the largest international corporations, as well as smaller companies, including renowned companies from Poland, the UK, the US, France and Ukraine.

Creativity and effectiveness

We are creative. We use various techniques and methods, to we achieve our goals. Our work is best assessed by long-term contracts with our clients– during such long-lasting cooperation we are able to reach different goals and develop strategies according to our client’s changing needs.


Since 1999 we are successfully providing services of Aimcomms/Influent Agency, that were consolidated into NeuroExpander Brand.

Successful cooperation and individuality

Our individual approach to each client is our key to success. Upon agreement with the client, we prepare the most optimal performance strategy, considering the branch in which company operates.

Media training

We offer media training at the highest level. Many companies, public persons and administration representatives have participated in them.


We specialize in difficult PR campaigns with elements of anti-crisis preventive care and crisis management. The following renowned companies have experienced how effective we are:

  • PEPSI Co. (USA) – crisis management
  • TESCO (UK) – media relations, media trainings
  • Polkomtel SA (POL) – media relations, media trainings
  • Bank PKO BP SA - media relations in Ukraine
  • EDF (FRA) –media relations
  • Mecom (UK) – image campaign
  • Servier (FR) – crisis management
  • QXL Ricardo (UK) – media relations, crisis management
  • SICPA (SUI) - image campaign
  • Alstom Power Polska (FRA) – media relations
  • Reckitt Benckiser (POL) – crisis management and media relations
  • Grupa Bryksy (POL) – media relations

Case Studies



We have supported PEPSICo. during a media crisis related to false accusations against the employer at one of the corporation’s enterprises in Poland. As a result of our cooperation with the company and a legal company providing services for PEPSICo. the company successfully overcame the crisis, and people responsible for the fraud campaign were punished.


QXL Ricardo

We worked for QXL Ricardo, when the company fought to regain control over Polish allegro.pl service. Our task was to attract media attention to the complicated legal dispute and present the shortcomings related to the ownership situation of allegro.pl and malfeasance of the state authorities controlling the procedure in this case to public opinion. As a result of the PR campaign lasting for many months and the legal activities undertaken by the client, QXL Ricardo was able to regain control over Polish assets.


ISD Polska

Our client have participated in the bidding procedure to buy Huta Częstochowa. After many months of tender procedure, the Minister of Treasury announced that the winner was a competitor, Mittal Steel. Due to coordinated PR campaign and legal activities the tender results were overeviewed, and after many months of battle, our client purchased Huta Częstochowa, being supported by the largest Polish media outlets during the whole period.


For many years NeuroExpander team has been offering trainings in the sphere of public speaking, presentations, media contacts, preparation of information as well as group and individual workshops. During the classes we carry out lectures related to self-presentation, media communication (including rhetoric and eristic) as well as classes on writing texts according to the standards of professional media (press, radio, TV, Internet). The second category of classes are practical exercises.

Standard media training usually lasts for two days. It is presented by two experienced trainers who combine many years of journalistic experience with wide practical knowledge about the world of media, business and, if relevant, political marketing. Trainers cooperating with our agency are people with many years of experience in traditional and electronic media as well as professionally prepared advisors in the field of styling, speech techniques, language mechanics, etc. Each training comprises theoretical and practical parts. The main emphasis is on obtaining practical media skills useful for the work in the area of the client’s interests. The goal of trainings is to transfer basic self-presentation and communication skills through media. The next stages of training involve additional skills and improving competences of a speaker, company’s spokesman or chief.

Training participants are guaranteed full confidentiality of the fact of receiving the training, of participants‘ identity and subjects reviewed. 15 years of experience: politicians, business. For the last 15 years, NeuroExpander trainers have worked with a few hundred people from Polish business and political elite starting with politicians of the highest rank to deputies from various parliamentary clubs and extra-parliamentary opposition up to social activists. Similarly a wide scope of trainings involved people from business environment – CEOs of the largest Polish companies, ambitious managers from various branches and directors of chains. We have also worked with representatives of state authorities, e.g. from Ministry of Finance, Office of Competition and Consumer Protection, Financial Supervision Commission, Fiscal Control Office, Foundation of Support to the Poles living in the East.

A participant in the training obtains knowledge about media mechanisms and the ways they can be used in public activities, regardless of being a state official, businessman or social activist.

  • basic information about the role of media in public activities
  • speaking in front of real audience and media speech – similarities and differences
  • Basic communication principles through media
  • skills of construction of simple, understandable speech
  • principles of written and oral speech construction in media
  • principles of behaviour in front of camera (verbal and non-verbal communication)
  • preparation for the press interview
  • elements of rhetoric and eristic useful during public discussion
  • strategy and tactics during discussion in TV studio
  • professional principles of text editing for media communication needs (press + Internet)
  • self-presentation
  • body language
  • giving press and TV interview
  • answers to difficult questions
  • live discussion in TV studio
  • choosing appropriate and individual style of clothes
  • techniques of speech and enunciation
  • purity of language in practical applications
  • skills of argumentation and leading public discussion

The methodology of practical lessons is based on exercises (simulations of real media situations) recorded with a camera and further analysis of recording in presence of participants. During analysis a trainer identifies strengths and weaknesses of each speech and provides recommendations on how to improve the technique and content of communication. As a result of such training the participant realizes his/her media image and the ways of its creation, as well as obtains knowledge how a camera „sees” him/her, and, consequently, how TV viewers do. The participant also receives basic tools for further improvement of quality of speech in the presence of media and in front of live audience.

During exercises we simulate different formats of public speech, e.g.:
  • presentation in front of live audience
  • short recording of speech for TV
  • short talk in front of camera
  • longer TV interview
  • talk with provocative interlocutor
  • discussion in TV studio
  • press conference

At the end of the training each participant receives an outline of all the classes as well as individual written diagnosis of strengths and weaknesses together with comments useful for the improvement of the skills obtained.

NeuroExpander provides equipment necessary for trainings: camera, lightning, sound set with crew. When necessary, we organize trainings in professional TV studios or training centers throughout Poland.

Contact with us

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